The Origin

Vernee StoddartVernee Stoddart, MS, MBA is Founder of WINGS Belleza .  She is the youngest of five siblings, a native of Philadelphia, PA and a current resident in the state of Maryland. Deeply concerned with the welfare of young girls, her passion is to help increase self-esteem in teen and pre-teen girls by empowering, educating, enlightening and encouraging them through teaching personal development skills, principles of inner beauty, and to improve their quality of life distinguishing them as simply exceptional.

Vernee’ has made an impact on hundreds of girls in multicultural settings and is committed to continually helping to build a community of positive, intelligent young girls.  She has authored articles in regional newsletters and international magazines, and is presently completing her latest project, “The Designer’s Touch, a Guide for the Personal Development for Girls”. WINGS Belleza hosted the 1st Annual BE U (Beautiful, Extraordinary & Unique) Girls Conference in Washington, DC in 2012  most recently the “Keeping It 100″ BE U Girls Conference 2013 in Ellicott City, Maryland.  Vernee’ Stoddart holds a MBA degree from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, and a B.S. from Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan.

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